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Radar keys available to purchase.  Radar keys allow you to access disabled toilets, fitted with Radar locks throughout the UK .  Cost of key £3.00

FMA UK stamp appeal - If anyone receives letters with stamps, can you please keep the stamps for FMA UK.   Collected stamps can be brought to future group meetings, or sent into the office at Mile End

FMA UK Telephone Helpline. - FMA UK are looking for new volunteers to help man the National Helpline.   Volunteers do 3 hour slots, Mon - Fri 10.00-4.00 (am slot 10.00-1.00 and pm 1.00-4.00).  Volunteers are able to choose the time of day that suits, and also suitable dates each month.  The helpline number is redirected to your home landline number.   Anyone interested, please contact Hazel in first instance.

Fibro PaIN AGM  - Our June meeting will be our 5th birthday, and also will be our Annual General Meeting.   This is where a short report on the year and what the group has done, also how the group is financially.   This is also when our committee is elected.   Should anyone be interested in being involved in the running of the group, please speak to Hazel.   

Committee meetings are held a few times a year as required, usually in the Mile End office, with short informal meetings sometimes held after group meetings.

Evening Social Meeting - our next evening meeting is planned for Tuesday 26th May 2015, in Canal Station Bar, Stow Brae, Paisley at 7.00pm (we are usually in the conservatory area at the back)

Mobility Roadshow - Joanne and Geraldine both had been at the Arnold Clark Mobility roadshow earlier in the month.    Joanne brought brochure for Mobility Solutions, Glasgow - a disability shop which is  larger than Paisley shop. They also do wheelchair and scooter hire.  

Hazel advised that shopmobility and Paisley disability shop also hire out wheelchairs and scooters.

Meeting dates - a request was made to keep meeting pages pinned at top of page on facebook group.  Hazel agreed this would not be an issue, and also that the main Fibro PaIN website had dates for the entire year.   There are also printed dates available on the resource table.

Guest speaker - Adele Logan, reflexology

Adele started off with a short introduction of herself.

She briefly explained how reflexology is an energy therapy and works with the energy of the body

After an interesting talk on how the areas of the feet correspond to the full body, and ways in which reflexology can help; Adele finished off by showing the group a few hand  and ear points which you can use at home to treat yourself.  

Next meeting our next Paisley meeting is Monday  15th June 2015

Post Meeting Note:

FMA UK have announced that they are merging with FibroAction, another UK fibromyalgia charity.  This will have no effect on the running of the group and full details are available on the FMA UK website.

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FMA UK Website Articles

Fibromyalgia Action UK is a registered charity administered primarily by unpaid volunteers. The majority of volunteers are also fibromyalgia sufferers who work extremely hard, despite their condition, in order to forward the cause of fibromyalgia. FMA UK was established in order to provide information and support to sufferers and their families. In addition, the Association provides medical information for professionals and operates a national helpline.
  • As the communications officer for Fibromyalgia Action UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I know it all about fibromyalgia. The truth is I don’t know it all. I hadn’t even heard of the word before I joined the charity. For a while, I had trouble even pronouncing it, never...

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  • Unfortunately, we are going to have to restrict our helpline service for the next couple of weeks as we are critically short of volunteers to operate it. Therefore, we will be replacing the welcome message to inform callers of when the helpline is best to be contacted while it operates...